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Weekly Beginner's Yoga Classes

Need to start a stretching routine but not sure where to start?  By the end of the series you will have a practice you can continue on your own, and work on at your own pace.  This class is geared to beginner's that want to start slow.  Sivananda Yoga emphasizes relaxing in between each posture.  Each class will build upon the last allowing your to see your progress along the way.




4 all Yoga Studio

450 Albert Street West (Marconi upstairs), Downtown Sault Ste. Marie-Ontario, ON, Canada, Ontario



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"The superconscious or universal mind is realized progressively as the barriers separating the three normally distinct forms of awareness are removed by such practice's as yoga nidra and meditation.  The murky and unknown unconscious mind of the individual is then illumined, revealing the entire superconscious dimension.  This process of illumination of the total mind is the real meaning of liberation, self realization, kaivalya, moksha or samadhi."

"the capacity to remain aware while producing delta waves and experiencing deep sleep is one of the indications of the superconscious states in with the conventional barriers between waking dreaming and deep sleep are indications, of the superconscious state, simultaneous operation of the conscious, subconscious,,,,, and unconscious mind.  The result is a single enlightened state of consciousness and a perfectly integrated and relaxed personality. "

-Yoga Nidra By Swami Satyananda  Saraswati Sivananda 

Cost $22
Location: 4 All Yoga
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