Full Body Relaxation Massage

 This head to toe treatment will leave you feeling in touch with your body and completely relaxed.  Pamper yourself with a choice of essential oil blend for your body and the option of rose seed oil for your face for added moisturize and an aromatic smell. Rose is a great scent to uplift your heart. 

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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

I will play a set of seven large crystal sound bowls intuitively for you. Each bowl gives off different vibrations that tune your body into harmony. Focusing the mind on one point of sound is a great way to relax. Let the waves of vibration wash over your body and leave you feeling rejuvenated, centred, and grounded.


Infrared Sauna Treatment

Get addicted to your own alchemy. This blanket detoxifies the body, relaxes the mind, boosts your mood, and promotes glowing skin. This infrared technology devices includes layers of; detox charcoal, heat balancing clay, magnetic therapy, amethyst crystals, tourmaline crystals and non-toxic PU leather. Get your sweat on with no physical effort!

Reiki Treatment

Reiki energy flows to facilitate life force movement and balancing in your energetic system. The facilitator can lay their hands on the Chakras of the client or just above them. Reiki has been clinically proven to reduce pain, anxiety, depression and aid in relaxation as it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system.



Couple's Package

Looking for a way to spend some relaxation time with your partner or friend?  Try something new with this couple's package.  While one has a sauna, the other person will have a 60 minute massage.  You are welcome to use the shower after the sauna if you wish.  Then we switch and end the evening with a 30 minute Sound Bath.  You will be in the same room together to enjoy the experience.

Each person receives:

45 min Massage

45 min Sauna

30 min Sound Bath

Access to Shower - Bring your own towel

Cost per couple: $247

Couples Massage

Private Parties


The Works for One

Looking for a treatment that is deep in many ways?

Try this package that includes all of the modalities:



60 minutes Massage

30 minutes Reiki

30 minutes Sauna

30 minutes Sound Bath

This session is a full on relaxation experience.  The warming mat will be on to keep you cozy during the massage, and we will flow right into the Reiki session.  I keep a record of your treatment for future insights.  You will then be wrapped in the sauna blanket while the Sound Bath washes over you. 

Plan on 2.5 hours for the treatment.

Your Private Party

Looking for a new way to enjoy your with friends or family?  Now you can hire Holistic Healing Algoma to bring the relaxation party to you!

What you get:

3 hours of Massage or Reiki time

divided between 2 - 6 guests as you like


Add on:

Access to Full Spectrum Sauna Blanket for 4 hours

(you provide the power)


Add on:

30 minute Sound Bath



Price includes taxes and mobile fees


"Care for the body brings self awareness.  Releasing emotions creates space in the body for new ways of being.  Radical honesty and consciousness allows you to create the life you want.  These sessions will leaving you feeling good, and also you can choose to deepen the outcome with your conscious awareness.

-Celeste Kaliyani Rose