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Take control of your

mental, physical and spiritual health.

You are a hardworking person with a lot on the go.

In today’s fast paced world,

it is important to make the time to slow down

and stay connected with yourself

in order to remain calm, focused, and clear.

When we do this, we are optimizing

our own personal potential.

When we choose ourselves first,

we can keep what we want out of life in our mind’s eye, and stay in the flow of the Tao.


Holistic Healing Algoma offers services to assist you

on your personal journey to wellness offering; massage, foot reflexology, Reiki, sound therapy, facials, infrared sauna treatments, home packages, and yoga & meditation inspired events.

Many Blessings,

Om Tat Sat,



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Riley Greco


Google Rating

"I booked the works because I could not decide which treatment to choose. This was my first experience with Reiki and it provided me with insight and tools to help me on my journey. The sound bath and sauna blanket put me into a deep meditative state. The massage was glorious and she got the persistent, giant knot out from under my shoulder blade."

Lacey Wagner


Facebook Testimonal on The Works For One

"The whole experience felt like I was floating away. It was very interesting when you touched the Chakra areas, it made me connect to them. The massage was not the typical relaxation massage that you get that makes you tickle. It was very deep and healing and you worked out the kinks. Listening to the bowls was incredible. They vibrated a lot stronger then I realized. I closed my eyes and it was like a went back in time to reassess and process my past choices and timelines. It was like the sound was resonating in different parts of my body. I thought you were right beside me. I am coming back for this for sure."

Michelle Querry


Google Rating

My friends and I visited from the United States for the day. Celeste was amazing! We took advantage of The Party Comes to You and it was great!! She came to our Air B&B and set up for 3 of us. Massage was amazing, loved the sauna and she brought us a TON of food!! I highly recommend Celeste and would use her services again!

"Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel."
​- Elenor Brown
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