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Holistic Healing Algoma gives each guest a unique opportunity to awaken the senses and unwind.

What my clients say is extremely important to me.   Take a look at what people have to say about the services offered.

“I recently moved to the area and I was searching for such services Holistic Healing Algoma has to offer. Energy is very important to maintain and release when needed. I took a leap out of my comfort zone and went to the dance event that was held recently and KNEW that night Celeste was the real deal! Right away I booked an appointment! The mobile services are so amazing! Celeste has such a blissful soft and kind energy to her. She’s very in tune and really helped me with my chronic pain through massage and the energy blocks through Reiki. It was exactly what I needed and more! Highly recommend these services. “

- Brie N


My Journey

Holistic Healing Algoma was created as a way to live my life in accordance with my needs of health, balance, and truth while giving an exchange of services to my community.  


   I personally use these modalities to stay calm, focused and relaxed. They help me to move through feelings of anxiety, anger, depression stress and aid positive outcomes, release blockages and increase energy flow.

The modalities offered here are just some of the ways to support yourself at any time.​  Book a session to help support connecting to your inner self, to move trapped energy in the body, and to reshape of the mind. We all have an inner voice inside us that guides us. The voice gets louder the more we live with authenticity and from the heart. This is where magic is born.

I look forward to meeting you!

Love, Celeste


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